BobBob Griesemer is author of Oracle Warehouse Builder 11g: Getting Started and has over 27 years of software and database engineering/DBA experience in both government and industry, solving database problems, designing and loading data warehouses, developing code, leading teams of developers, and satisfying customers. He has been working in various roles involving database development and administration with the Oracle Database with every release since Version 6 of the database from 1993 to the present. He has also been performing various tasks, including data warehouse design and implementation, administration, backup and recovery, development of Perl code for web-based database access, writing Java code utilizing JDBC, migrating legacy databases to Oracle, and developing Developer/2000 Oracle Forms applications. He is currently an Oracle Database Administrator Certified Associate, and is employed by the Northrop Grumman Corporation, where he is the Senior Database Engineer and primary data warehouse ETL specialist for a large data warehouse project.

LynnLynn M. Griesemer is a nationally known author who has been featured in The Washington Post, To the Contrary (PBS Program) and has appeared on various television and radio programs. She received Toastmasters International’s highest award in 2006, the Distinguished Toastmaster Award (DTM). A mother of six, Lynn invested 16 years homeschooling her children. Lynn and Bob have given presentations to over 1000 engaged people as volunteers for the Arlington Diocese's Conference for the Engaged Program. Lynn is a Marriage Coach, host of the weekly radio program “Your Marriage Matters,” and author of Reenergize Your Marriage in 21 Days. Visit for more information. She is a former Human Resources Manager and Army Officer.  She received her B.A. in psychology from Boston University and M.S. in Human Resources Management and Development from Chapman University. She designed Speaking Made Easy: A Public Speaking Program for Middle School Students and Speak Up!: A Public Speaking Program for Young Adults and serves as the primary instructor. As a former shy child, she knows the many obstacles that interfere with successful speaking and has compassion for those who fear speaking and those who lack confidence.

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