From Students and Parents About the Program

Alek was enthusiastic about the public speaking class! He got started right away on his book report, and says he is really looking forward to the future sessions. Thanks so much for providing such an enriching experience at such a reasonable cost! I don't know how you do it with six children! Very inspiring!
-Linda Schaffer, parent

Thanks again for your willingness to discuss my son’s experience of your class. You have been open and receptive, and I appreciate it very much. I am so glad Barrett had this chance. I know he'll look back and be grateful for it!
-Katie Jay, parent

My daughter attended the book club and the "Speaking Made Easy" course, conducted by Lynn Griesemer. We have found Mrs. Griesemer to be knowledgeable, very well organized, and to be closely attentive to each student's needs. Our daughter learned important life skills in a fun and warm atmosphere. Mrs. Griesemer's nurturing coaching embarked our daughter on her public speaking journey. We remain truly grateful to Mrs. Griesemer's excellent training!
-Mamtha Adiseshan, parent


I have fond memories of wonderful times during Mrs. Griesemer's speech class. Mrs. Griesemer is the very best! I learned so much from Mrs. Griesemer's instruction. This was my first public speaking class. Today, I am a National Forensics League (NFL) State Finalist, and a Nationals Qualifier for the National Catholic Forensics League (NCFL). I sincerely thank Mrs. Griesemer for launching me on my public speaking path!
-Tara Adiseshan, student

When I started Mrs. Griesemer's public speaking class, I didn't know anything about how to write or give a speech. After only eight weeks of the class, I had given four speeches and felt confident about speaking in public!
-Zachary See, student

Before attending the class, my daughter was very uncomfortable speaking in front of an audience. With the training she received from Lynn, she now has much more confidence in herself and is able to present herself in a professional manner to any audience. The goals Lynn set for the students were very clear. This enabled the student to focus and learn each technique and apply it to the presentation of their material.
-Maria Cunningham, parent

  My daughter's experience gave her the opportunity to practice and improve her speaking techniques.  This has made her more confident when speaking in front of large groups of people, which is also a requirement of her high school curriculum.
  Christine was also challenged to keep her speeches innovative. This helped her to engage with her projects on a creative, as well as an intellectual level. The desire to think "outside the ordinary" inspired the whole endeavor with a freshness and enjoyment that is often lacking in her regular academic life.
   She also gained time management and valuable study skills by preparing her speeches. Planning out a well-structured speech with an introduction, a body and a conclusion has taught her how to both organize and improve her thinking. This complements all of her other academic pursuits, especially those involving writing.
  Overall the program challenged Christine, taught her skills that will help her be successful in almost any pursuit, helped her gain confidence and poise in public, and expanded her knowledge. These things will support her further growth in 11th grade and in the future.
   Thank you, Lynn for the exceptional help and your commitment to our kids.
-Robin Pollino, parent

More Testimonies About the Instructor

Lynn is obviously knowledgeable about her topic but she delivers the information with a heartwarming, friendly style. I enjoyed interviewing her immensely.
-Carrie Lauth
Hostess of Natural Moms Talk Radio

Lynn Griesemer is very passionate about helping today's youth improve their communication skills. Her Speak Up program is excellent and will benefit anyone who participates, both the young and the not so young!
-Kevin Engle, Award-winning Speaker

Lynn speaks from the heart and from experience on a unique topic that many couples haven't considered.  She brings her warmth, skill, knowledge, and enthusiasm to every presentation.
Judith E. Pearson, Ph.D.
Psychotherapist, Life Coach, Hypnotherapist, NLP Trainer, and Free Lance
Motivational Strategies, Inc.
Springfield, VA

It was such a pleasure having Lynn as a guest on my show. The topic was very fresh, stimulating and informative. The interaction with our audience was very impressive. I would like to have you on the show again in the future. Your work truly embraces the idea "If you don't know your options you don't have any.” Keep up the good work!
God Bless, Celesta Rannisi
Hostess of Voice America Radio show,
Celesta Rannisi's Timely Topics in Childbirth

Lynn Griesemer related her personal experience with Unassisted Homebirth through the voice of a compassionate mother, but also with the professional manner of a well-researched expert on the topic.
-Rebecca McDevitt
WJLA-TV (Washington, D.C.) Special Projects Producer

Lynn is a thoughtful and informative speaker whose knowledge is gained through her direct experience. Her presentations confound the politically correct orthodoxies and delight audiences who are hungry for a little slice of truth, justice and the American way
Tom Kilgannon
President, Freedom Alliance (www.freedomalliance.org)
Author, Diplomatic Divorce: Why America Should End Its Love Affair With the United Nations.

Lynn Griesemer is a passionate Motivational Speaker. Her positive messages, bright voice and sincere manner are the great gifts that enlighten and empower people of all ages.
Hsu Terry Wang, Distinguished Toastmaster
President, New World Bilingual Institute (www.nwbi.us)
Executive Producer & Host, New Age Television

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