Oracle Database and Data Warehousing

My Background

I have over 27 years of software and database engineering/DBA experience in both government and industry, solving database problems, designing and loading data warehouses, developing code, leading teams of developers, and satisfying customers. I've been working in various roles involving database development and administration with the Oracle Database with every release since Version 6 of the database from 1993 to the present. My areas of focus are data warehouse design implementation and administration, working hands on to design a data warehouse using dimensional modeling and implementing Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) of the data warehouse using the Oracle Warehouse Builder and custom designed PL/SQL and straight SQL code as needed.

There were no books written on Oracle Warehouse Builder (OWB) so I wrote one.

My Book — Oracle Warehouse Builder 11gR2: Getting Started 2011

This is a book you can read to learn how to use OWB to design, build and implement a working data warehouse. It has just been updated for the latest release of the Warehouse Builder, Release 2. I've covered everything you need to know to get up and running, including how to install the Oracle Database 11gR2 software if you don't have it already installed. I cover basic data warehouse best practices in dimensional design and implementing your data warehouse, such as the use of staging tables, so it's not only a good introduction to OWB but is good for anyone who wants to begin learning about data warehousing. The new edition of the book has been completely updated for the new release with all new screen shots reflecting the new interface. Oracle has updated the entire interface to their Fusion Client Platform style, similar to other Oracle software products such as SQL Developer. It also includes a new chapter devoted completely to the new Code Templates feature of the Warehouse Builder which is the Knowledge Module functionality of Oracle Data Integrator that has been included in OWB. I walk you step by step through implementing a complete mapping using JDBC connectivity to an external database using a Code Template Mapping.

My original book, Oracle Warehouse Builder 11g: Getting Started, which was built on the 11gR1 release of the software is still available if you're using the11gR1 release of the Oracle Database.

Where To Get The Book

You can get the new edition of the book at the Packt Publishing website at or on The original edition is also still available from Packt Publishing at and on


Oracle has done a podcast interview with me about the book after the first edition of the book was published which is available here. Click here to listen.

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